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‘Thys presents Eccentric O’ launches my new label with a four track EP.

I’m trying to be more expressive, more intimate, more vulnerable in my music. Besides exploring new technology and new techniques, on this record I’m also exploring the human voice and my personal voice.
The four titles connect into a little poem. I’m exploring what kind of music I can make with HollyPlus, an AI trained to sing whatever audio material you feed it with my friend Holly Herndon’s voice. I look into different tuning systems, and different time signatures. I make 160/jungle, but I try to make it feel warm, safe and welcoming. I play piano in my living room, and you hear my phone receiving messages while I play. This is me. This is what I have to give to you.

BUMA Award for Biomimicry

We won the BUMA Award Best Original Composition Experience for ‘Biomimicry‘!

The BUMA Music in Media Awards honours composers and producers in 12 different categories who have proved themselves in the previous year, with their compositions for music usage in the media.

Thank you BUMA and the best team: Lavinia Meijer, Ryan McDaniels, Salvador Breed, Iris van Herpen, The National Ballet and Flapper Management.

Turning Point (Performed by Thys and Noordpool Orchestra)

This feels like coming home: an official orchestral version of one of the tracks from the ‘Ithaca’ EP. An EP that was written with a lot of orchestral instruments, and with a sound-design/mixdown esthetic that almost has more in common with the dynamic sound of the orchestra than some of my and Amon’s music in other genres that are more focused on drums and impact.

The Turning Point recording by Noorpool Orchestra is out today on VISION! You can also watch the beautiful corresponding video on self – titled here.

Iris van Herpen’s ‘Biomimicry’ out now!

Iris Van Herpen and Nationaal Ballet commissioned this short movie “Biomimicry”. Ryan McDaniels directed it, and I composed the music with some help from Salvador Breed and a harp part by the lovely Lavinia Meijer. Thanks to all involved, I’m so proud of this amazing team and this result! :heart:


Director: Ryan McDaniels
Movement Director: Juanjo Arqués
Dancer: JingJing Mao
Music: Thijs de Vlieger | Lavinia Meijer
Sound Consultancy: Salvador Breed
Art Direction: Ryan McDaniels
Casting: Tobias Heinrichs
Hair: Daan Kneppers | NCL Representation
Make-Up: Suzanne Verberk | NCL Representation
Production: Ryan McDaniels | Tobias Heinrichs | Valentine Bouquet | Anu Viheriäranta