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Interviews, features and feedback Unmoved Mover / Unwound

I am really happy with the response to Unmoved Mover / Unwound so far! I got great feedback, there’s been some press features and I’ve done a few really nice interviews.
You can find all full articles below:

Skrillex b2b Thys set @ OOST

In late January and early February we had Sonny Skrillex over in the studios. Sonny and I caught a super last minute idea to do a surprise back to back breakbeat/house/electro/techno dj set of stuff we were feeling at the moment, and luckily our friends at Oost Club were able to accommodate us!

Listen to the full set:

View the behind the scenes video of Sonny’s visit:

‘Ghostcards’ EP with Amon Tobin

Over the last couple of years I’ve spent a lot of time in Los Angeles with Amon Tobin, making all kinds of music. I really enjoy working with Amon, we bring something out in each other that I really appreciate. The Ghostcards EP is something very dear to both of us. It’s a good example of the two of us allowing ourselves to be anything, just going with whatever comes up in the studio. It came out quite wonderful, I think.

Listen & download the full EP here:

Eclipse (for Solo Cello, Electronics, and Symphony Orchestra)

I’m taking some time in snowy Montreal to finish “Eclipse”, a short piece for electronics, solo cello, and full symphony orchestra. The piece was commissioned by North Netherlands Orchestra, and will be conducted by Anja Bihlmaier on the premiere dates: February 13-15.

More information and tickets on NNO’s website: