Tetris, Mon Amour

Tetris is a simple computer game but fascinating and truly addictive. It quickly conquered the world when it was invented in Moskou in 1984. Also choreographer Roni Haver was once hooked on it. With TETRIS Mon Amour she declares her love to this game and the way it provokes order and self-control. You have to deal with these falling Tetris blocks. Much like life itself, where you have to manage all things that come across. Just deal with it, before it’s ‘Game Over’.

TETRIS Mon Amour is a high pressure dance concert where every detail, every eye and every finger is choreographed. Like clockwork. It is a play with the abstraction of the game, but also with the idea that strict rules call for creativity. The music is composed by Thys, part of the world famous electronic music trio NOISIA, and will be played live on stage by the versatile musicians of Slagwerk Den Haag. The sound will surround you. Step into the game.

Club Guy & Roni: TETRIS Mon Amour trailer from Lex Vesseur on Vimeo.