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Magnetic Mix 119: Thys

It’s my absolute honour to provide the 119th episode in the epic Magnetic Mix series by Magnetic Magazine!This mix is more of less a map that pencils out the edges of my world right now. It has some of my favorite club music tunes of the last few years as well as some unfinished and forthcoming music by myself and my friends! Slowly moving from 124 to 160 in the space of an hour, it shows clear signs of my roots in DnB and bass music, as well as indicating both the more subtle and more experimental directions I’m headed for in the future. Also, in the typical DnB mixing style, it manages to smoothly fit 32 tracks in just an hour!

Interviews, features and feedback Unmoved Mover / Unwound

I am really happy with the response to Unmoved Mover / Unwound so far! I got great feedback, there’s been some press features and I’ve done a few really nice interviews.You can find all full articles below: THIS SONG IS SICK: INTERVIEW | Thys (of Noisia) Discusses His Solo EP, Becoming A Film Composer, & More DATA TRANSMISSION: INTERVIEW | In Conversation With: Thys DANCING ASTRONAUT: Noisia’s Thys sets out into solo waters with debut single ‘Unmoved Mover’ HIGHER PLAIN MUSIC: Thys – Unmoved Mover / Unwound Review Thys of Noisia unveils first solo track “Unmoved Mover” from forthcoming debut EP WOLOLO SOUND: Thys (Noisia) Presenta Nuevo EP En Solitatio En Vision Recordings DJ MAG: These are this week’s Bancamp essentials (28th August)

Unmoved Mover / Unwound

Out today! Unmoved Mover b/w Unwound and the great remix by Sinistarr are out now on all platforms! This EP is a direct result of my ongoing fascination for the liminal space between “club music” and “listening music”; between sound design and musical story telling; between hypnotic loops and non-linear sequencing; between the electronic and the accoustic.

Skrillex b2b Thys set @ OOST

In late January and early February we had Sonny Skrillex over in the studios. Sonny and I caught a super last minute idea to do a surprise back to back breakbeat/house/electro/techno dj set of stuff we were feeling at the moment, and luckily our friends at Oost Club were able to accommodate us! Listen to the full set: View the behind the scenes video of Sonny’s visit:

‘Ghostcards’ EP with Amon Tobin

Over the last couple of years I’ve spent a lot of time in Los Angeles with Amon Tobin, making all kinds of music. I really enjoy working with Amon, we bring something out in each other that I really appreciate. The Ghostcards EP is something very dear to both of us. It’s a good example of the two of us allowing ourselves to be anything, just going with whatever comes up in the studio. It came out quite wonderful, I think. Listen & download the full EP here:

Eclipse (for Solo Cello, Electronics, and Symphony Orchestra)

I’m taking some time in snowy Montreal to finish “Eclipse”, a short piece for electronics, solo cello, and full symphony orchestra. The piece was commissioned by North Netherlands Orchestra, and will be conducted by Anja Bihlmaier on the premiere dates: February 13-15. More information and tickets on NNO’s website: